Ladle gate
COMECA TECNOLOGIE S.p.A. has designed, built and patented the SCS 1000 ladle slide gate. (European patent EP1786581)

The system is designed to be flexible and can be integrated on existing ladles without changing the bottom plates.

Originally designed and installed in 2008, the product has since been simplified and strengthened to suit its heavy duty purpose.

Refractory handling equipment is also available.

SCS 1000 Ladle gate

Can be fitted on ladles up to 110 t. Uses refractory plates with pouring holes up to Ø 50 mm.  Every ladle gate is individually tested and numbered.

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Spare parts for SCS 1000 Ladle Gate

Standard components are always available to meet urgent requirements.

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SCS 1000 Ladle gate Activator

Activators produced for the SCS 1000 are designed to be compatible with existing systems.

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Ladle gate Refractory Tool

Specially designed for handing refractory parts, initial operation supervised by our experts.

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Ladle Gate Structural Modelling

3D software modelling is used during the design phase to assess product shape, dimensions and resistance to heavy duty stresses and extremely high temperatures.

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